Erotic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

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The best erotic Valentine’s Day gifts for her are those which are personal and show your attention to her desires and feelings. Gifts for her are not a science but an art. You need to watch and listen with finesse and then choose. It’s basic though, that women just like to receive gifts.

The challenge for you in giving an erotic Valentine’s Day gift to your lover is not so much in the choosing, but in the presentation. If you give a gift in a way that recognizes her femininity, and importance to you, it can do more for her than the gift itself. And she may not know how she feels about it until she’s had some time to dwell on it. Don’t expect gushing thank yous. Just love her.

Flowers–Valentine’s Day and flowers go together like the circus and peanuts. Get flowers. Roses are traditional, but be bold and break tradition if you like. Your creativity with flowers cultivates some imagination in your relationship. And, flowers are erotic.
Sexy Lingerie–Remember that what’s erotic for you isn’t necessarily what’s erotic for her. Sometimes what you cover makes her even more sensual. Buy her what will make her feel beautiful and treasured.
Poetry–Sounds are the footsteps to a woman’s heart and the words expressing your passion for your lover will touch her there. Write them yourself or find a poet that expresses the feelings that she will love and print them on beautiful paper or a card.
Relaxing Massage–Prepare the event yourself or if massage isn’t your forte, arrange an afternoon at a spa. Include scented oils, delicate foods, tea and soothing music. She will let go of her tensions and her sensual self will come alive.
Fantasy Evening–She’ll love the detail you imagine as you create her fantasy. Prepare appetizers and drinks, a themed mood with candles and music and deep romance. Dress the part and make her feel cared for.
Chocolate–Go as dark as you think she will enjoy. Chocolate stirs the wild and erotic passions in a woman. If you think you dare, try exotic chocolates with red pepper and fruits. Chocolate is probably the oldest erotic Valentine’s Gift idea.
A Quality Sex Toy–Encourage her orgasmic solo time and her love for her own body. Presentation is everything as you acknowledge her inner beauty. Choose a high quality vibrator or dildo made from safe materials from a reputable online source.
Bed And Breakfast Weekend–Make arrangements at your favorite place or find a spot with a new twist. In either case, prepare some extra surprise touches like a show, concert or dinner. Be sure to reserve plenty of together time alone.
Jewelry–Yes, jewelry is also erotic when you select it with her beauty and taste in mind. Choose a pendant, delicate chain or bracelet. Let her receive the subtle message you send in your thoughtful presentation.
Lunch And Shopping Together–Lunch at a quiet cafe and a shopping trip totally focused on her is incredibly erotic. Encourage her to choose things that make her feel beautiful and special. Be sure not to rush. Time and attention is the real gift that she’ll value.